Cubic DS-482

It adopts a high-resolution image scanning system and supports short-range scanning at the window. It is an ideal choice for all reading occasions such as one-dimensional, two-dimensional, poor print quality, or damaged barcodes. It is a high-performance one-dimensional and two-dimensional desktop image scanner, which combines high-resolution imaging technology, FirstFlash and contact scanning, making it the first choice for commercial retail and industrial scanning. Its omni-directional scanning mode can scan all standard bar codes on the market from all angles, including all one-dimensional bar codes, PDF417, microPDF, EAN/UCC composite codes, Matrix, Postal, QR and other two-dimensional bar codes.

It can be used in a series of applications, including commercial retail, medical treatment, logistics receipt and delivery, and supply chain management. Its red line of sight can be aimed at and read bar codes like a laser scanner, even in applications such as function table scanning. The occasion can also give full play to excellent performance without error.

Features and advantages

  • Omni-directional scanning mode: users can scan without having to align the barcode
  • TotalFreedom re-opening function: It can be expanded directly by implanting advanced formatting or special decoding plug-ins in the scanner instead of the host side
  • Support mobile phone screen barcode reading: you can directly read the e-ticket or coupon on the mobile phone screen
  • Flexible decoding copyright licensing scheme: It can be upgraded to read PDF, two-dimensional matrix code and OCR characters on the basic model of one-dimensional barcode reading according to user needs
  • Barcode reading function: up to 7 barcodes can be scanned at a time and can be arranged and output in the required order
  • Excellent scanning performance of motion tolerance: In fixed scanning mode, it can read barcodes in motion accurately and efficiently
  • Support mobile phone\tablet OTG input