Cubic DS-210_212

Small size, light weight, ergonomic fixed scanner. It uses a Japanese laser head with a wavelength of 650nm as the scanning system, integrates a high-performance processor and a decoder board, has fast decoding and high-precision reading capabilities, and efficiently resists ambient light interference. It can easily read bar codes on paper, commodities and other media, the scanning distance is greatly improved compared with similar products, the scanning speed is fast, the reading performance is strong, and the accuracy is high.


  • Small size, easy to carry
  • Japanese laser head with a service life of up to 10,000 hours
  • Super laser identification code reading ability and range, can easily identify various one-dimensional bar codes, outstanding decoding and error correction capabilities
  • Plug and play, no driver installation required
  • Compatible with all types of POS machines, tablets, cash registers, tax control machines
  • Compatible with all types of retail, invoice, ERP, warehouse management and other third-party software