GigE Color Industrial Camera

Series Features

  • 100 meters long distance stable transmission, support POE power supply;
  • Compatible with the vision standard, and directly support Halcon, VisionPro and other software without driver;
  • Pixels from 300,000 to 29 million pixels, CCD and CMOS;
  • Built-in hardware image processing acceleration, reducing the CPU usage of the host;
  • Support multiple cameras to work at the same time, the number is not limited, and it can be networked arbitrarily;
  • Unique data packet retransmission technology; ensure reliable data transmission;
  • Excellent SDK design, as simple as using a USB camera, plug and play;
  • Support external trigger and flash synchronization, up to seven GPIOs, all optically isolated;
  • SDK supports 32/64WINDOWS XP, WIN7, WIN8, WIN10 systems, Linux and ARM Linux systems, and Mac OS systems.
  • SDK supports VC/C++, C++builder, VB6, VB.NET, Delphi, C#, JAVA, Python and other programming languages.

Standard equipment

  • Camera, CS/C adapter ring, trigger line.
  • WDM driver, Directshow, TWAIN, Halcn, OCX, Labview components.
  • Camera demo software, measurement software.
  • VC/C++, C++builder, VB6, VB.NET, Delphi, C#, JAVA development routines.
  • Offline RAW to RGB program.
  • Suitable for multiple color cameras to save RAW image data at high speed at the same time and then convert them offline into bmp or jpg format images.

feature of product

  • Support multiple cameras to work at the same time, stable and reliable work, fully compatible with the GIGE camera SDK, and can be replaced seamlessly.
  • The camera parameter archive is saved in the form of files, which is convenient for mass production release, simple development and cross-platform compatibility.
  • The camera name can be modified to easily distinguish multiple cameras.
  • Support 8bit, 24bit, 32bit image data format output.
  • Support small resolution and high frame rate preview, large resolution capture function, seamless switching.
  • Support resolution customization function. View cropping (ROI), BIN, SKIP point extraction, and zoom functions can be freely combined and set to match different aspect ratios and visual field requirements.
  • The body comes with up to 16K bytes of user data storage space.
  • Built-in hardware acceleration module to achieve LUT, color correction and other functions, effectively reducing the host CPU overhead.