Cognex VisionPro Software

Cognex VisionPro is the leading PC-based vision software. It is designed to setup and deploy vision applications—no matter the camera or frame grabber. With VisionPro, users can perform a wide range of functions, from geometric object location and inspection to identification, measurement, and alignment, as well as specialized functions specific to semiconductor and electronics applications.

Proven, reliable vision tools in an integrated platform

With VisionPro, users can access a robust library of pattern matching, blob, caliper, line location, image filtering, OCR, and OCV vision tools, as well as 1D and 2D barcode reading, to perform a wide range of functions from inspection to identification and measurement. VisionPro software is fully integrated with an extensive .NET class library and user controls.


Fast and flexible application development

The VisionPro QuickBuild fast prototyping environment combines the power and flexibility of advanced programming with ease of development. Reduce cycle time, no matter your approach. Easily load and execute jobs, or opt to manually configure tools by code.

  • Drag and drop—Linking between tools quickly communicates values, results, and images
  • Scripting—Develop managed applications with C# or VB
  • Programming—Configure acquisition, select and optimize vision tools, and make pass/fail decisions with or without programming

Intelligent software fixtures tools dynamically, while reusable tool groups and user-definable tools shorten development time.


Access breakthrough deep learning-based image analysis

Connect with VisionPro Deep Learning, the first deep learning-based software dedicated to industrial image analysis, via API. This breakthrough technology is optimized for complex inspection, part location, classification, and optical character recognition, outperforming the best quality inspectors.


Integrated, universal communications and image acquisition

With VisionPro, users get robust vision software on any camera or frame grabber. Cognex acquisition technology supports all types of image capture: analog, digital, color, monochrome, area scan, line scan, high resolution, multi-channel, and multiplexed. In addition, Cognex supports hundreds of industrial cameras and video formats covering the complete range of acquisition requirements typically used in machine vision. Get fast, integrated image acquisition using Cognex Industrial Cameras (CIC), GigE Vision, or frame grabbers.