Cubic Vision

Software introduction


Software function

  • Bar code / QR code detection
  • Defect detection
  • Character detection
  • Shape/with or without detection
  • Product Positioning
  • Geometric measurement
  • Color recognition
  • 3D measurement


Software features

1. Tool Modularization


2. Drag and play


3. Multi-execution continued operation

  • A set of software
  • Multiple stations
  • Run simultaneously


4. Support multiple communication methods


OCX control version software features

  • Provide standardized function interface
  • Support VC, VB, C# and other development languages
  • Embedded in the user program
  • Tailored for customers


Development library (function library) features

  • Provide rich algorithms
  • Provide a standardized function interface and support seamless upgrades
  • Customized algorithm/tool ​​interface-customized solutions
  • Moderate price, high cost performance